16 OCTOBER 2015;

Today in a workshop led by Levi, we were given the task to create a choice of advertising campaigns. My first advert tested my skills of Adobe Illustrator – a software which I am/was unfamiliar with! I learnt how to use custom brush strokes and layers to help enhance my drawing. This did mean that the advert being created took longer, however I was developing skills along the way – the main goal of the course!

However after many hours of manual artistic rendering and drawing I completed my first advert campaign – an advert to inform customers on Burger & Lobsters £20 meal deal.
Burger Bun Advert

The traditional theme of the advert followed the brand theme and their previous adverts and website house style.

I then completed a multitude of other advertising campaigns for a range of Tom Fords’ new perfumes. Following his rather erotic and entertaining brand theme, my campaigns attempted to recreate and follow his style.

Tom Ford Advert 3

The first advert followed the erotic style of advertising Tom Ford’ brand often pursues. The dark colour scheme was used to help achieve this, with darker colours often being used to create a mysterious atmosphere.

Tom Ford Advert 4

The next advert attempted to use typography to convey the message to the user. Through the use of modern graphic design and font types, i was able to manipulate and edit the font to achieve the unique desired outcome – as can be seen from the ‘NOIR’ on this advert.

TomFord Advert 1

The next advert attempted to include the model aspect of which Tom Ford typically uses. The colour scheme of the advert is synced to the product itself, especially when selling the ‘Body spray’.

TomFord Advert 2

This last advert tried to really relate to Tom Fords brand style & theme. Through the use of erotic imagery and graphics, the advert tries to catch the attention of the male audience in order to sell the product. The colours of the original image were manipulated and edited to match the gold/black colour scheme of the product, as well as effects placed on to help emphasise the product itself.