LIVE BRIEF #2: Generator Hostels

The Brief:

To create a relatable, emotive connection with Generators young-adult audience to inspire them to experiment, travel and stay at a Generator Hostel. This should be achieved through a 1-minute campaign video which can also be translated onto social platforms.

The Research:

Most of the research Joshua and I carried out in this project was researching into Generator Hostels themselves and existing examples of travel adverts. Since we were the prime target audience, we felt it would be better to allocate our time looking into the brand and previous advert examples.

We found that the adverts which were the most successful for our age range were those which were either comical or emotional. Joshua and I used these as a basis when generating ideas. We wanted to focus on telling an emotional story, as requested by the brief, yet also wanted to include a hint of humor that would make the concept stand out amongst others.

It was then we thought about how humor had been used in travel adverts in the past – and it seemed that the most common kind of travel humor was the annoyance of children on planes, pools etc. We then had a light-bulb moment – ‘Young people want to live in the moment – let’s create a sense of urgency and tell them why they should travel now and not later in their lives’. And hence, our concept ‘Travel While You Still Can’ was born.

giphy (1)

(You should travel before having to deal with situations like these…)

The Concept:

Entitled ‘Travel While You Still Can’, the concept would follow the story of a couple who find love on holiday & explore the world the world together, all displayed as a timeline of photos (in frames, on a phone etc). This emotional, love built timeline is then put to an end by the sudden appearance of a life-changing event, such as having a child, getting married, or you know… Brexit. Too salty?

The video could also be transformed into small social pieces – also highlighting why the consumer should travel, thus creating a sense of comical urgency. We would envision the social clips to be displayed primarily on Instagram, seeing as short-videos and travel-based content seems to be the norm on this platform.


The Feedback:

I feel that the pitch, ultimately the first of the term, went very well, despite Josh’s’ sudden influx of illness. We received praise from Generator after the pitch on our style and concept. This is what they had to say:

““Travel while you still can” is a well thought out concept, which really hits the mark with the age range of our audience. You covered all of the deliverables in a slick presentation that paid good attention to Generator’s branding and style. You tapped into humour well and translated this across your video and social loops.

It would be good to see some art direction more inline with Generator’s brand and tone (think maybe someone scrolling through their photos on their phone rather than photo frames), and perhaps keep the same concept but make it a little more light-hearted (eg. travel while you still can before you get in too deep at work – a stressed/dishevelled guy in an office wishing he was travelling).

Very clever and witty execution all in all showing a good understanding of the brief.” – Generator

The feedback was reasonable – I also agree that if we were to do this project again we should focus more on the target market, including the use of a phone timeline rather than photo frames. Despite the production being plagued with issues (mostly due to my poor cinematography – sorry Josh!), I still feel like our outcome, whilst not polished was still a good proof of concept.


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