Live Brief #1: Barclays

The Brief:

To celebrate Privacy Day 2017, Barclays held a brief for us at Ravensbourne allowing us to submit a video or animation storyboard that would help raise awareness the risks of sharing data online and how we can go about reducing our ‘digital footprint’.

The Research:

When looking at previous examples of online privacy adverts and campaigns – I noticed that they were all very similar. A majority of them followed storylines of characters going about their daily lives and realising that they had become a victim of fraud or other unfortunate events after having their online details stolen.

I wanted to make my concept different. I already had an existing idea from a previous project that I thought would translate perfectly into this brief, and thus I ran with it, adapting it to the Barclays brief.


The Concept:

We share our thoughts, experiences, and feelings on social media. Little do we know that these are stored and used as a basis for advertising, research, and development. What if we took all that data and created a virtual version of ourselves?

The Virtual You concept takes data from various online profiles and takes the information and transforms it into a chat bot. This chat bot is aware of the recepients’ hobbies, tone of voice, location as well as other interests and uses this to formulate a near-human conversation. The viewer is encouraged to read the conversations as they happen (Presented real-time through a live timer).

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 11.02.26

The user is then prompted to guess whether they were speaking to a human or computer. When it revealed that the conversation that was occurring was actually a human to computer conversation, the video would then highlight how the computer came to access the personal details including locations, hobbies, and interests.

The concept would work on a variety of screen sizes to make it dynamic for the Barclays office and lifts. The content of the conversations could also be easily changed dependent on the time of day, season etc to ensure the conversations stay fresh and believable. For example, the animated conversation could be of someone going on their lunch break at 1pm, staying relevant to the staff of the Barclays office.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 11.02.34

The campaign aims to inform people of the sheer amount of data held about them in a relatable manner, thus making them think twice about the data they share online.

giphy (2).gif

The Feedback:

I found this concept very difficult to pitch. I will be the first to admit I did not have full faith in this idea, thus rendering it difficult to present. I feel as if I did not do enough research to back up the idea, and as such made an AI-based concept for a group of bankers – 2 totally different audiences.

I feel that the pitch also did not go well, with the Barclays team finding it difficult to understand the concept.

However, I soon found out that my concept had been shortlisted for a second presentation. My only guess is that they liked the fact that it would be cheap & quick to produce, seeing as all that would be needed would be vectors of the chat bubble (which already exist) which could then be transferred across different mediums. When they asked if I would face any problems during productions – I could think of none, as we would not need to worry about licensing, casting etc, thus making it extremely easy to produce. I feel this is why they may have shortlisted my idea despite not fully understanding the concept.

If I was to carry out this project again, I would undoubtedly alter the concept to be less based on AI and more tailored towards the actual brief, rather than using an existing idea which, in frank, did not ultimately suit the brief. I think it was good that the concept could be altered easily for times of day, as this would ensure the content stays fresh – I just feel like the concept in itself was not strong enough.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the second pitching of this concept as I start my internship at Overview on the day of the pitch. Whilst I may have missed out an opportunity to work with Barclays, I feel that my lack of faith and complexity of the concept would have been a disaster regardless in the second pitch.



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